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Hello! This is my first time doing Yuletide so bear with me. I'm going to do a list of general likes/dislikes, and then go fandom by fandom, so hopefully you can find something in here that catches your interest.

General likes:
- I love gen. Even if I requested something shippy for a particular fandom, you may always feel free to write some gen, whether it's plotty or just a character having a think about things.
- because I like plot, I'm okay with violence and blood and stuff.
- moral dilemmas and questioning, musings on the nature of right and wrong, wrestling with guilt and forgiveness: my jam.
- this might seem orthogonal to the last point, but humour! My requested fandoms all have some funny characters and I love witty dialogue.
- please do make some OCs if you want to, or need to fill a gap! I am the last person on earth to turn my nose up at an original character, so go wild.
- I'm fluff-tolerant so long as everybody is in character (some couples just are fluffy), but generally I prefer stories with a bit of heaviness and weight.

Okay so if you do want to do porny business:
- I love emotional sex, whether it's sweet first-time stuff, long-term couples who know each other well, or tragic business that shouldn't be happening but it is, etc.
- het is totally fine, as is M/M and F/F. I've been known to enjoy a threesome scene too, if you know what you're doing.

Dislikes and squicks:
- AUs that significantly change the setting or premise, like high school/no powers/coffee shop/Victorian, what have you. Diverging from canon is fine.
- Noncon, underage, incest.
- BDSM and D/s where it's a whole lifestyle thing.
- I'm really a very vanilla person, so don't get too baroque with the sex stuff, if only because your efforts would be wasted on me.

Grosse Pointe Blank
This movie. I love it. I'd be down to see something set pre-movie with lots of Martin and Marcella friendship and some plotty murder-type fun, but I'd also love to see post-movie Martin and Debi trying to adjust to normal life, being shippy but still somewhat ill-at-ease. (How could you not be?) Or Martin getting back into therapy, now that he's no longer in the business and could abide by his therapist's rules, would be loads of fun.

But honestly I love this movie to itty pieces and will gobble down anything at all, so these are very loose prompts!

I'd love something sweet and shippy with Gary and Anna--like tooth-achingly sweet but with a touch of darkness underneath, you know? But I left Anna off the required-characters list because I'm also way on board with Gary-centric gen, whether plotty or just reflective. Because Gary.

Specifically I've been interested in the way Gary seems a bit more sceptical of Dr. Rosen's ideas and a bit more sympathetic to Anna's, even though it's quite subtle in the series. I'd love to see what his thought process is like in wrestling with that, and some exploration of where he comes down on the issues (if he comes down at all). How has Anna changed his views, etc.?

Also his powers are awesome, so what is that experience like subjectively? How does it feel to be in Gary's head? Go wild here.

Doll-friggin-house. I selected Adelle as my main character of choice here, because I'm guaranteed to enjoy anything with lots of Adelle, and Topher wasn't on the list of tagged characters. But I do love Topher a lot and I love Adelle's relationship with him by the end of Epitaph Two. Sad and motherly and guilty and tender. I don't see them as sexual at all, but if you wanted to make a case for it I could be swayed. They are two very lonely people, after all, so I could maybe see some weird encounter between them, so long as it happened before he got so messed up that he couldn't function.

But Topher is not a requirement, and I'd also love to see Adelle at the beginning of her career (what would a young and comparatively-naive Adelle be like?), or maybe an interesting wrinkle in her relationship with Victor (if you come up with one), or something more about her ultimate fate, or ugh anything.

Bonus: I didn't request Paul, but I have so many feelings about Paul! A sympathetic treatment of just about any of Paul Ballard's many issues would delight me.

So I hope that's enough for you to go on, Yuletide Author. My AO3 handle is famacneil and my fannish tumblr is oreshki.

Thanks and have fun!
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