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I'm not sure if vol. 2 of Alpha Flight is awesome just because it's so much better than vols. 1 and 3, or if it's actually good in its own right. I'm going to go with the second option, I guess, even though there is a distinct and sad lack of the Beaubiers.

The magic of internet scans, however, are reminding me of how very, very, very bad Alpha Flight was a lot of the time. In writing The Heart's Landscape I've been relying on issue summaries and my own contempt for canon, because I honestly didn't remember much about Alpha Flight beyond Guardian's hilarious costume and Jean-Paul's historical announcement that HE. WAS. GAY. (A Part of Our Heritage.) We had a box of Alpha Flight comics that we got from some garage sale, which also had a Thor colouring book and some surprisingly awesome religious comics depicting the Passion. ("TRULY...this man WAS the SON of GOD!") So all this is new to me once again.

So c'mon, we all like bad comics, right?

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