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Why am I only finding out now about comics in cbr format on soulseek? I have enough friends who are comics nerds that someone -- perhaps one of you -- should have told me.

However, I'm still a sad enough geek that I actually BUY New X-Men: Academy X or whatever they're calling themselves these days. I downloaded an issue I already own to make this icon, because the world needs more Wither icons.

I probably shouldn't like this book as much as I do. I'm aware, while reading it, that the art is pretty shitty and the writing is about at the level of a lame after-school cartoon, which is probably the market they're going for, judging by the ads. Marvel clearly believes that I will buy Kellogg's Scooby Doo Berry Bones if they appear alongside Hellion and the gang. They may be right, unfortunately.

here I get off track talking about comics for awhile )

Liking bad, unpopular comics (and bad, unpopular TV shows, etc.) is pretty universal in fandom. There's something special about those shining points of potential in a bad soapy story. I'm not sure what it is -- maybe just the realisation that even ordinary non-geniuses can hit on something really good, even if they don't know it. Making art isn't all skill. There is grace to it, grace in the sense of something falling from above. Masterpieces like Hamlet are full of grace, of course, but it's the difference between rain falling on wet ground and rain falling on dry cement. In bad stories, we can clearly see the outline of what makes good art divine.

Or maybe I'm just too insecure about reading bad comics and liking awful shows.

P.S., in case nobody notices due to friends-page viewing and style=mine, I redid the design of this journal rather than write my Kant essay. I am a bad person but the sidebar (from a larger image I made of the whiteboard at Joel and Paul's house -- yes I am a self-indulgent OC author, mollycoddling her characters offstage with silly doodads) contains many things that amuse me. You can have fun guessing what they are, or have more fun by laughing at me. Either way I increase the amount of happiness in the world, which is what Kant would have wanted.


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