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Am I a nerd? Before you answer, let me mention this: I'm currently reading two books on the Charlottetown Accords. AND LOVING IT.

The first is Pierre Trudeau's long speech (with question period!) "A Mess That Deserves a Big 'No'", and you have to love a book with a title like that. It's all full of typos and the publisher claims the gov't of Quebec tried to suppress it. Even though the speech was, y'know, televised. Anyway, Trudeau is love. Love, constitutional-law-style.

The second is Joel Bakan's Just Words: Constitutional Rights and Social Wrongs. This is more serious, and I'm mainly reading it for story research, but he quotes Martin Buber sometimes and I'm all, "Sweet, Buber is the shit."

It also occurs to me that I really fucked up the timeline with regards to Joel's father in the backstory. If he's in his early sixties, it's really unlikely that he's been a senator for all of Joel's life. I mentioned a stint in the House of Commons, but how many backbencher MP's get a Senate post when they leave? Zero (okay, it could happen, but it's unlikely). Probably he was a cabinet minister who lost his seat in a nasty election.

Making sausage, people. Timelines always screw me up -- I can totally see how Shakespeare ended up making Hamlet 30 years old by accident. This is also why I hate trying to follow canon, particularly comicverse.


tocryabout: Martin Tielli, cover of Poppy Salesman album (Default)
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