Oct. 9th, 2005 11:39 pm
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I dropped some cash on the DVDs a while ago, purely on the strength of LJ recommendation. Also because I found Starbuck and Roslin cute and wanted to get in on some of that.

Tonight was the first time I actually sat down and watched it, and I just finished the miniseries. My lame thoughts:

1. I will never get tired of father-son angst.
2. Boxey is the same kid from X2, right?
3. What a blatant fucking ripoff of Siddig El Fadil, and not even as charming. Fun anyway, though.
4. Lee = pretty, but I always kind of resent liking the eye candy. You can't manipulate me, networks!
5. Why did they bother having Starbuck look so dykey if they're just going to go TOTALLY STRAIGHT, AFFAIR WITH ZAK, HURR all over the place?
6. I have still not forgiven Callum Keith Rennie for what he did to Due South.
7. Will I be disappointed with how they flesh out the religion in future episodes?
8. I want to punch Adama Sr. I'm not clear on why. Is this normal?

As I plough through the first season, is there anything people care to rec to me?


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