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My main complaint was the editing -- several times things were unclear, which caused me to waste precious neurons thinking about what had just happened. I'd give examples, but I don't care to have them explained to me with fanwank should any beardos find this entry. And also I'd have to mess with spoiler cuts and stuff. But I think the editing issues were obvious; I know what they were trying to do, but sometimes you can cut too much.

I would also have liked much more Cillian Murphy, but that desire does not come from a pure intention for the betterment of art, so I will discount it.

It was silly in other ways, like the cliche of the wide-eyed kid, but that's part of the charm of the superhero movie. I roll my eyes when an adorable moppet is awed by Batman (and then PUT IN DANGAR OH NOES!!), but it doesn't disrupt anything. I get the pleasure of feeling superior, and also I'm not made of stone, dammit. If Batman were on my fire escape I'd be impressed too.

The moral issues were somewhat troubling, and here I may have to put a cut. Even though I'm probably the last person to see this movie. )

Spoilers over! After that ethical fagsplosion, I should say that I really did like this movie, Alfred kicked ass, Morgan Freeman was not wasted (something that can't be said for a lot of movies), and the villains were fun to watch. Also, there was ninja therapy.

* Remind me to post sometime about Se7en, since it's a much tougher target than Hannibal. Like the latter, it's a reprehensible movie, but this one is actually well-written.


tocryabout: Martin Tielli, cover of Poppy Salesman album (Default)
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