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I have had it with New X-Men. Hear me, Marvel? Yeah, that's right, you just lost one of those customers in the 18-24 gay female demographic that you care so much about. The book has gone to hell.

- The characters now fall into three categories: DICKHEADS, KILLED FOR NO REASON, and COMPLETELY IGNORED. Julian, Nori, Santos, Jay and Josh fall into the first category; Laurie and pretty much everyone else fall into the second; Cess, Sooraya, David, and (wibble) Kevin fall into the last.

- I was actually hoping that Cess would go after Kevin by herself. Or that the storyline would give him a bit of attention. Dear Marvel, this could be a good chance for him to be teh EVOL and sell out his friends because um he feels guilty and wants to be "cleansed" himself? The alternative (unhinged kid with nothing to live for and a power that makes him homicidal disappears and...nothing) is not all that plausible. It's also boring. Get into this.

- Speaking of Cess, COME ON. I want her and Sooraya to totally get their own book. Full of girlslash. Stop ignoring these characters, Kyle/Yost. I MEAN IT.

- Oh, the art blows too. I was willing to ignore that when I actually liked the characters. Not anymore.

- X-23 is the least annoying character, surprisingly enough. I'm sure that's deliberate on Kyle/Yost's part.

- It's a relief that Laurie isn't going to be in any more pain from the writers. However, I am really disappointed that there won't be a Bitchy McBitter Laurie with a bionic arm anytime soon. BIONIC ARM. That part is important, Marvel dudes, so write it down.

- Fuck Jay and his stupid wings. No one who likes Jay gets to call Kevin a Rogue knockoff, okay? "Let's take Warren and make him an Appalachian hillbilly rockstar who somehow acts like a California teenager and uh we'll make him really emo and selfish and basically get rid of everything that made Warren bearable. Cool? Where we going for lunch?"

- I like Josh when he fails disastrously. If he'd done that more often I wouldn't hate him.

Anyone whines about spoilers and I will CUT YOU.


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