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Had to chuck an entire completed chapter because it was about 90% poo. A couple of good moments, but mostly poo. I'm starting to think about going on [ profile] x_edit to hunt for betas, although I usually just edit myself. I'd like to have someone else's perspective.

I really wish right now that I had something else to work on, but I don't: all I have are some old poems that I could touch up and submit somewhere and a big flabby old novel from last summer that probably can't be saved. I do have a few chapters of something I started a while ago which could be promising, but I, uh...cannibalised it for Aphanes, so I'm not sure what to do about that now.

I just saw the Enterprise finale a few nights ago. Now THAT is poo. They have been unremittingly unfair to those characters straight from the first season, which is when I stopped watching it. I always thought that they could write a lot of really interesting stories with those characters (I found Reed in particular to be sort of enigmatic and intriguing, in his sad way), but they wasted every chance they got. I'll have to buy a DS9 box set to cheer myself up.

Amusingly enough, the section for Writing & Publishing at Chapters is located right next to Childbirth & Parenting. Ho ho ho.


tocryabout: Martin Tielli, cover of Poppy Salesman album (Default)
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