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It confuses me greatly that the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" doesn't include the X-Men films. I mean, it doesn't confuse me because I understand that there are weird IP issues, but it confuses me in a sort of broader, fannish, existential way. The current X-men movieverse, such as it is, is a cinematic universe and it is Marvel, and the characters are connected, but even fans are pretty obedient about separating the two.

I understand, in theory, that it's probably very satisfying to write something that's totally canon-compliant, something that could have happened and that logically should belong there. I've just never been able to do it.

I actually haven't yet watched Days of Future Past, so maybe that'll be how I punish myself tonight.


May. 29th, 2006 11:33 pm
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This gave me indigestion of the imagination. Sure, I enjoyed it as it was going down, but an hour or two later I feel bloated, unsatisfied, and vaguely ill.

To give an overprocessed popcorn flick its due: shit does blow up in some pretty bitchin' ways. But X-Men is not just about blowing shit up, as fucking awesome and unnecessary as the Golden Gate Bridge thing was.

Problems (which will spoil you) )


tocryabout: Martin Tielli, cover of Poppy Salesman album (Default)
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